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AeSigne, E-confidentialise your information on the internet

AeSigne, European Association for the security of dematerialized exchanges and electronic signature, a Europe-focused association, acts as a trusted third party in the world of dematerialized exchanges.
Its members have at their disposal identification solutions and solutions of protection of information contents disseminated on the internet ...   >> more information

Today, in a world where exchanges are increasingly virtual because of the use of many services and applications on the internet, the protection of professional as well as private information becomes more and more difficult.

Therefore, if you do not take the necessary measures, you will be so vulnerable, professionally and/or personally, that all the information that you disseminate on the internet, being confidential or not, are easily intercepted by your competitors, malicious people, etc…

It is to respond to the protection of confidential and personal information of businesses, public and natural persons that we created the Association AeSigne.

To protect and confidentialise exchanges on the internet, the solution that AeSigne offers to its different members is very simple to implement and to use.

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Last minute :

AeSigne was invited to give a presentation of its Trust Services at a Commission within the French Finance Ministry.

click here to read this presentation.

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