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AeSigne Association acts as a trusted third party in the world of dematerialized exchanges.

Its members have at their disposal identification solutions and solutions of protection of information contents disseminated on the internet.

AeSigne, a Europe-focused association, started its deployment in France a few months ago, and many hundreds of people have already joined it.

Here are some examples of the use of AeSigne’s services :
- AeSigne is a trusted third party delivering certificates for the sealing of envelopes for applications and offers in the framework of the chain of trust of public markets’ dematerialization;
- AeSigne offers to the members of a community ID solutions to enable them to have access to some secure pages on the internet;
- AeSigne enables its members to use a secure identification system.

AeSigne is a trusted third party that brings to the electronic world, in the framework of the different chains of trust, better security and confidentiality for dematerialized exchanges.

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